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Introducing Timex Watches at Hollins and Hollinshead Jewellers. Timex is a popular watch brand, that supplies watches for men, women and children. Timex produces a diverse range of watch designs, from modern-looking, to classic and retro-looking. Timex watches are typically powered by a quartz movement, with some being solar-powered.

Explore the Timex range for children, we have a small range of watches for girls and boys, Timex Kids watches are designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with being worn by active children. They are made with good quality materials and are built to last. Timex watches for kids are bold, brightly coloured, and feature fun designs that are appealing to children, making watch wearing and time telling more fun and exciting for kids.

Discover our classic, retro looking and sporty watches for men and women. The timex watches for men and women are made from good-quality materials, and have unique features, such as a light feature, and day date feature, along with digital functions on the digital style watches. Timex has some popular watch collections, which we supply, such as Timex Expedition, Timex UFC collection, and our very Limited Edition Stranger Things collection.

The Timex UFC collection is expertly engineered with indestructible design and core timing features for an active lifestyle. As the only watch collection tough enough for UFC, the wide range of timepieces speak directly to the unique diversity of their global fanbase and across all wearing occasions. The watch you will be fighting over.

Anticipate adventure with the Timex Expedition watch collection. Expedition goes the distance when you take it on your next adventure - rain or shine, mountain or valley, and everything else in between. Watches made for lovers of the outdoors.

Timex Stranger Things collection: Set in the early 1980s, Stranger Things is rife with retro throwbacks, from synth-heavy musical undercurrents to the wardrobe aesthetics that can only come from such a uniquely expressive decade. For this special edition collection, a brave exploration of our own archive has resurfaced three cult classics from this iconic era-Timex Camper, Timex T80, and the unforgettable Timex Atlantis. The resulting capsule signifies a pact between two cultural phenoms that routinely bring wistful, period-specific elements out of the darkness and into the light.

Explore our range of Timex watches today. Click and collect available, or view any of our Timex  Watches prior to purchase in store, by booking an appointment.


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