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Pre Owned Watches

Introducing our luxury collection of second hand watches at Hollins and Hollinshead Jewellers. We ensure our second hand watches are of the best quality, mainly specialising in Rolex, however we also supply various other high end brands, it’s always worth checking our website to see what brands we have in stock.

Our premium selection of pre owned watches come in various materials and styles, some being set with stunning diamonds. Rolex offers a range of different watch models, such as the iconic Submariner watch, Rolex Daytona, and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, these are great models for watch enthusiasts and collectors, explore our range to see what collection we have in stock. Rolex is committed to creating products that have quality and innovation.

Purchasing a luxury pre owned watch is a great choice, and can be cost saving, they are considerably less in cost than buying a new watch, and any of these watches may maintain or increase in value. Buying second hand can give you a wider range of watch models and styles, it can sometimes be difficult to find a new watch model, that is no longer available, or is in high demand, in which you may find the watch model you are looking for by exploring second hand watches.

It is a great idea to consider purchasing a pre owned watch, as this can be a more affordable way to get a high-quality watch from a prestigious brand. Click and collect available or view any of our Luxury Pre Owned Watches prior to purchase in store by booking an appointment.


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