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Make an Impression with Uniquely Designed Jewellery | 2022

  • by Darren Hollinshead
Make an Impression with Uniquely Designed Jewellery | 2022

Are you trying to find that perfect piece of unique-looking jewellery?

Something that stands out? Or are you searching for that perfect gift which is meaningful and different from everything else?

At Hollins and Hollinshead Jewellers we supply the jewellery brand Shrieking Violet. This is a jewellery brand that is sure to stand out, with its delicate and unique designs. A creative brand, handcrafted with real flowers, encapsulated in resin and set on sterling silver, Shrieking Violet’s journey began in the 20th century when a lone daisy was discovered at sunrise after Glastonbury festival, inspired by the beauty of nature. At Hollins and Hollinshead Jewellers Shrieking Violet is available in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Explore the beautiful range of Shrieking Violet collections we have available at Hollins and Hollinshead, including, Forget Me Not, Rose, Poppy, Heather, Daisy and Purple Haze.

Due to Shrieking Violet jewellery being made with real flowers, it is important not to leave your jewellery in direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this can cause the vibrancy of the flowers to fade. It is advised to remove Shrieking Violet jewellery before using hot water (this may be showers, baths and washing up). To protect your jewellery you may want to keep it stored in a cool or dark place. It advised not to use an ultrasonic cleaner on this particular type of jewellery, as this may cause damage. To keep your jewellery clean in a safe way, it is advised to use a silver polishing cloth or Luke-warm water and washing up liquid.

Create an enduring impression with Shrieking Violet jewellery. Be creative and unique from others. Explore the full range of Shrieking Violet jewellery at Hollins and Hollinshead jewellers, and find your perfect piece of jewellery.


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